Angola: Ex-president dos Santos denies ties to daughter's alleged graft

17 Jan 2020

Angola's former president Jose Eduardo dos Santos has denied links to alleged public company embezzlement during his rule, in his first response to corruption investigators last month freezing his daughter's assets.

Isabel dos Santos, the ex-president's billionaire first-born, has been the target of an anti-corruption campaign led by her father's successor President Joao Lourenco.

She is accused of using state-owned firms to divert over a billion dollars for her personal enrichment, allegations she denies and calls part of a political vendetta.

The investigation is looking at alleged irregularities involving diamond marketing firm Sodiam and Sonangol -- Angola's national oil company, which was handed over to Isabel dos Santos by her father in 2016.

In a letter to Angola's parliament and constitutional court, Jose Eduardo dos Santos distanced himself from investigations into illicit enrichment during his rule.

It is the first time he has responded to allegations surrounding his daughter, who has repeatedly claimed her innocence.

Source : Daily Monitor