Rwanda: Rwanda denies accusation of attacking Burundi's military post

28 Nov 2019

Rwanda on Thursday denied Burundi's accusation of attacking one of the latter's military positions earlier this month.

"The Burundi government has the habit of accusing Rwanda to be responsible for anything that's going wrong in their country. The current accusations, as usual, are not supported by any evidence," Rwandan Foreign Minister Vincent Biruta told Xinhua in a written interview.

He said Burundi doesn't need to announce putting in place mechanisms to protect its people, as protecting its people is the responsibility of any government.

Earlier in the day, Burundian government spokesperson Prosper Ntahorwamiye said that the Rwandan army launched an overnight assault against a military post on Nov. 16 at Mount Twinyoni, in northwestern Burundi's Cibitoke province that borders Rwanda.

The attack that left "human losses" came after several others carried out by Rwanda, said Ntahorwamiye, adding that Burundi will utilize all necessary equipment to defend its sovereignty and its territorial integrity.

The Burundian authorities haven't given official confirmation about the number of casualties, while media reported at least eight Burundian soldiers were killed.

Source : Xinaunet