Tanzania: Zari Hassan denies getting back with Diamond Platnumz

14 Jun 2020

South Africa-based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan seems to have had enough with reports insinuating that she is back together with the father of her two last-born children, Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnumz.

Pointing fingers particularly at Tanzanians, the mother of five lamented that she is tired of being confronted with allegations that she is desperately trying to get back with the Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) CEO.

Taking to Instagram in a live video, Zari explained that the rumours being peddled about her are baseless stating that her relationship with Diamond is in no way romantic.

According to Zari, her actions have been misunderstood and for that reason offered to educate Tanzanians on what co-parenting really means.

“Oh, she is so desperate to get back with him. No. Wacha niwafundishe kitu kimoja, especially you Tanzanians. Nataka muingie kwenye Google Translations, inaitwa co-parenting. It's co-parenting for the sake of the kids that you two have together. It has nothing to do with, ooh she is so desperate she wants to get back to him, ooh she is fighting so hard to get back to him,” said Zari.

Zari went on to heap praise on Diamond for taking the responsibility of being present in his children's lives adding that his only daughter Tiffah was more than excited to be able to talk to her father whenever she wanted.

“Just because he is taking care of his kids, it doesn’t make him desperate, and make him look like he is trying to get back with me. Diamond doesn’t have to prove a point to me that he wants to get back with me, I do not have to prove a point to him that I need to get back to him. Whatever we are doing right now is for the best interests of our children.

“My kids are very happy, Papa calls all the time. Especially Tiffah gets very excited, that’s my papa calling, he speaks to them, plays the piano for them, he is doing everything, he bought a Kitchen for her, a puppy for his son. The problem is mbona nyinyi mnaumia,” she went on.


On whether she feeds her young daughter what to say on social media, Zari explained that Tiffah is old enough to think for herself adding that she is brilliant hence her good diction.

“Tiffah doesn’t need to be told what to say. When the camera is rolling she knows what to say. You don’t even need to say anything to Tiffah. This a four-year-old saying what comes to her mind, she is smart, beautiful, she is smart she doesn’t need to be told what to say.

To online trolls, Zari vowed not to sit back and take any insults directed to her daughter stating that Tiffah is free to act however she wants.

“I’m not gonna sit here and watch you diss my child that ooh she got an attitude, she is special, confident, she is everything, you guys are not.”

Source : Tuko